Our Ministries

The Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF) operates several core ministries under its organisational banner. Each of these ministries work in key areas providing information, training, support and advise. 

The main areas of  APBF Ministry are:

  • Aid & Development
  • Youth
  • Women
  • Theological Education
  • Missions & Evangelisim

You can learn more about each of the ministry areas below.

Our Mission

APBY seeks to build a network among Baptists Youth Leaders in the Asia Pacific Area.

Our Vision

APBY seeks to engage, build a comprehensive network among the APBY member bodies, to help, support and train young people to become future leaders.

Our Aims

To promote fellowship, cooperation and service among Baptist Youth and their Leaders.

To provide training to existing Baptist Youth Leaders.

To assist in consultation and planning for various ministry programs.

To be aware of and respond to the changing needs of the youth in our region.

To hold a  Youth Conference that celebrates Gods work among the Baptist Youth of the Asia Pacific Region.

Mission and Evangelism

Rev. Dr. Tim Hyunmo Lee
Chairperson of Mission and Evangelism Committee

Our Purpose

The key purpose of the Committee for Mission and Evangelism is to teach and guide the Asia-Pacific Baptist Church to live out and share the gospel of Jesus Christ for salvation. The Committee exists to assist local churches and associations to understand more clearly the biblical mandate as well as to promote and implement strategies for world evangelization.

We desire to serve by providing seminars and consultations on mission and evangelism through which local leaders can be trained and nurtured; coordinating mission strategies among Baptist mission agencies in the member countries; and building a network of resource persons for mission and evangelism in Asia and the Pacific.

Dr. Miyong Chung
Chairperson of Theological Education

We Exist To

Assist and guide the Asia-Pacific Baptist Church.

Equip pastoral and educational leaders through seminars, colloquiums, consultations.

Supply of itinerant teachers and educators.

Provide a network of information on schools, colleges, courses and educational guidance for those wanting to further or enter into Theological education.

Women's Ministries

Baptist Women of the Pacific

AIMS: To promote fellowship, deeper sympathy and fuller understanding among Baptist women. To encourage and promote the development of women’s leadership at all levels of our Baptist world. To facilitate the exchange of information concerning activities and methods of work in women’s organizations

Asia Baptist Women's Union

VISION: To see women in Asia empowered for leadership, to confidently engage in various traditional and creative ministries, to bring the Gospel to the lost.

Rev. Ronnie Chiu
Chairman of APBAid

Our Purpose

Supporting appropriate first response in areas hit by disasters.

Giving assistance to follow-up and long-term rehabilitation.

Promoting disaster-preparedness amongst member bodies and their church communities. 

Supporting sustainable community development projects and best practice in these activities.

Capacity Building through training, support and education.

Challenging the Baptist community to live justly and to address global poverty.

Sourcing emergency assistance.