Our Background

The Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF) had its beginnings in 1953 when some young people from Asia met in Rio de Janeiro. This resulted in coming together at the 1st Asia Baptist Youth Conference on 20th August 1956 in Hong Kong. The vision to establish APBF was released during the 4th Asia Pacific Youth Conference. The following years through the leadership of Allan Prior from Australia Asia Baptist Fellowship come into being in 1975.

In 1975, the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (originally named Asia Baptist Federation) was originally established as one of the regional fellowships of the Baptist World Alliance.


Who We Represent

APBF represents over 40,000 local churches and 65 Conventions in 22 Countries across the Asia Pacific region.

Our Mission

Inspire and Equip Baptists by Collaborating, Networking, Training and Serving to fulfil the Great Commission.

Our Vision

Baptists together Transforming Lives in Christ across the Asia Pacific.

Our Aims

To promote fellowship, cooperation and service amongst Baptists.

To stimulate and coordinate evangelism.

To assist in consultation and planning for various ministry programs.

To function as a regional organisation of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA).


Rev. Mark Wilson (Australia)

Dr. AK Lama (India)
Vice President

Dr. Joseph Ko (Korea)
Vice President

Dr. Craig Vernall (New Zealand)
Vice President

Mrs. Laura Raymundo
Vice President

Rev. Dr. Vesekhoyi 'Vee' Tetseo (Japan)
General Secretary

Mr. Abraham Verghese (Malaysia)

Mr. Howard Cham (Philippines)
Co-opted Members

Rev. Leor Sarkar (Bangladesh)
Co-opted Members

We Value...

Bringing oneness to Baptist people because we are stronger when we work together.

Living lives that are fully dependent on God in obedience to The Word and The Spirit.

Doing our best because it honours God and inspires others.

Integrity – committed to being honest, transparent, accountable and above reproach.



The Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF) is the result of a number of Baptist Churches and Organisations coming together to work towards common aims throught the Asia Pacific Region.


The Asia Pacific Baptist Federation Statement of Faith outlines the core Biblical Beliefs of the organisation, and they are the guiding principals of our Christian journey.