From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.

Ephesians 4:16

Since the Asian Baptist Fellowship (Now Asia Pacific Baptist Federation)  joined the BWA as the regional body in 1975; the first historic gathering of Baptist in Asia and the Pacific was held in January of 1979 in Hyderabad, India. Since then APBF Congress has met regularly every 5 years touching thousands of Baptists through the Congress. APBF has witnessed the faithfulness of God in Asia and the Pacific over the period of 40 years as the Baptists of Asia and the Pacific has grown to almost 40,000 churches today.

The 10th APBF Congress calls again the Baptists to gather with the theme “Stronger Together” in its first Hybrid Congress (available to both in-person and online attendees) and witness yet again God’s faithfulness. In-person will allow you to interact face-to-face with the speakers while online will provide a seamless flexibility to join the Congress from your location. 

Pray, Plan and Participate.

Congress Speakers

Hybrid/Online Congress Time Schedule

Four sessions a day. All Session Time Zone under Korea Time

SESSION 1   |   12:00 noon (Korea time) 
Plenaries, Workshops / Seminars 1

  • Building the body in love
  • Collaborating in the work of the Lord
  • United in the growth of the Church
  • Build Christ's Body - the Church

Mission in Motion 1 Topics

Justice, Mercy, Rightness and Compassion
by Dr. Elijah Brown (BWA)

Wholeness in Extension of God's Kingdom
by Dr. Kang San Tan (BMS)

Future of Mission: Strategic Role of Asian Mission in Global Christianity
by Mrs. Loun Ling Lee (SG/UK)

Leading the Church in Power and Spirit
by Liew Yuen Huat, Malaysia

Mission, the Unifying Factor
by Jimmy Fundar, Philippines

Collaboration, Network and Partnership in Mission
by Andrew Tjang, Singapore

The Proclamation and Demonstration of the Gospel
by Scott Pilgrim, Australia

Mission in Motion is a venue for an ongoing conversation to share practical tools, expertise, resources, methods to get the mission of Christ in motion.

If you are a global servant called to build healthy teams and grow healthy churches this Mission in Motion is for you! The workshops/seminars are created for equipping and empowering church leaders.

SESSION 2   |   3:00pm (Korea time)
APBF Specials - YouTube Premiere
Plenaries, Workshops / Seminars II

Witness various ethnic groups from Asia Pacific performing, showcasing God’s talents bring together the richness of the Church.

Mission in Motion II Topics

Healthy Pastor, Healthy Church
by Dr. Tomas Mackey (BWA)
Global Mission Impact in the Post Pandemic
by Dr. Tim Lee (Korea)
Women in the Mission of God
by Miyon Chung, Korea / USA
Biblical Basis for Compassion Ministries
by Leor Sarkar, Bangladesh
Unleashing Youths as Co-Participants in Integral Mission
by Steve Dixon, Australia & Cobte, India
Gender Dynamics in Risk and Resilience
by Vernette MMS, Myanmar & Elissa MacPherson, Australia
Demonstrating Transformative Partnerships in Humanitarian Response
by Ronnie Chiu, Malaysia & Fiona Smith, Australia
Psychosocial First Aid: The Church Response to Trauma
by Kumti Aier, India

SESSION 3  |  4:00pm (Korea Time)
Conversation and Roundtable Talk  |  Virtual Zoom Room Videocast

The Congress brings to you an Interactive Portal, Interviews with Baptist leaders who will join a discussion through Zoom Room Studio on the subject of Holistic Transformation.

Delegates will have the chance to listen and interact from your location through the Zoom Hub.

SESSION 4   |  6:00pm (Korea time)
APBF Celebration

Join the worship and be blessed!

SESSION 5   |  8:30pm (Korea time)
Postlude to Congress

* Online translations for Plenary and APBF Celebration will be provided for 8 languages.

1. Mandarin5. Korean
2. Japanese6. Burmese
3. Thai7. Bahasa
4. Hindi8. Vietnamese

Registration Information

Countries from Developed Economies

Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan 

Regular: $50.00 

Group (Convention / Church : Minimum 10 persons)
Regular: $30.00 


Bangladesh, Cambodia, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Vanuatu

Regular: $25.00 

Group (Convention / Church: Minimum 10 persons)
Regular: $15.00 

Registration Period

Regular Registration: May 1st - September 5th

Important Notice for Delegates Traveling to Korea

Entry Visa
For delegates travelling to Korea, please check if you are required to have an entry visa. To ensure participation, please apply for your visa in sufficient time before the event. 

Travel Insurance
Mandatory for delegates travelling to Korea, to obtain travel insurance to cover for the duration of the trip. APBF will not be responsible for any accidental cases in Korea.

Online Registration ONLY

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