The APBF which is constituted by 65 member conventions in 22 nations across Asia Pacific with over 33,000 local churches, part of the 47 Million Baptist among the Baptist World Alliance spread in 126 nations worldwide with 241 member bodies would like to express its deep concern over the state of emergency declared in Myanmar.

At a time when we are challenged by the spread of the Corona virus; when the economy of Myanmar needs a stable political environment for its continued growth; when an estimated one million people in conflict-affected areas in Myanmar are in need of humanitarian assistance, the recent unfolding of the coup brings great concern to the international community.

As a way to stand in solidarity with Myanmar Baptist Convention, and freedom loving people of Myanmar, the APBF would like to affirm the promotion of love, tolerance, justice, peace and freedom as key values in accordance with our scriptures – the Bible.

The APBF calls for the rejection of any oppressive ruling system that denies the tenets of our scripture. We empathise with our fellow members in their shock and disappointment at this change in the leadership and manner of rulership in Myanmar.

The Asia Pacific Baptist Federation calls upon the Military leadership, to immediately and unconditionally release the President, the State Counsellor and all other leaders of the government being detained.

We urge that democracy is upheld and a return to a democratic form of government. The Asia Pacific Baptist Federation, joins with the people of Myanmar, in praying for the reemergence of a Republic of the Union of Myanmar, based on a Federal Democratic system, which enshrines the values of justice, inclusivity, respect for human rights and dignity and promotes peace and national reconciliation.

We call upon the international community to act with urgency and seek dialogue to bring reconciliation among the parties concerned and restore democracy and stability to Myanmar once again.

We join together in raising our voice in appeal and in prayer; praying for peace and reconciliation in Myanmar, for democracy to be upheld and restored and for the safety and protection of all citizens of Myanmar of all ethnicities from violence and brutality. 

“In Solidarity with the people of Myanmar”