Secondary Grief Amidst Covid-19 Seminar

Covid unlike any other crisis has impacted all of us in multiple ways causing most of us more loss in more ways than one. The loss and accompanying sadness has been experienced personally at multiple levels; affecting us not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually, economically and socially. 

Many have suffered silently the trauma of secondary grief struggling with anxiety, stress, depression and even suicidal thoughts. 

APBF invites you to join us in an opportunity to explore how to minister relief and coping strategies to those affected by secondary grief. 

Dates: April 15th - 16th
8:30 am     India, Sri Lanka
8:45 am     Nepal
9:00 am     Bangladesh
9:30 am     Myanmar
10:00 am   Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam
11:00 am   Singapore, Malaysia, Perth, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong
12:00 pm   Japan, Korea
1:00 pm     PNG
2:00 pm     Sydney, Vanuatu
3:00 pm     Fiji
4:00 pm     New Zealand

Sessions Information:

Day 1 | April 15th 

Session 1: Explore how to manage secondary grief through the eyes of the Scripture with Dr. Nori Dela Paz Lacquian; Professor of Theology at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, Baguio City, Philippines.

Session 2: Explore strategies to reduce symptoms related to secondary grief with Dr. Tracy Daniels - Clinical Psychologist, Walden University and Behavioural Health Educator at BayCare, Florida, USA. 

Day 2 | April 16th 

Explore how you can show care and compassion in the face of secondary grief during the Pandemic by Dr. Paul Kang, lecturer of Pastoral and Practical Studies at Morling College, Australia. 

You can register at this link:- 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. For more information or further queries, please contact Shereen.apbaid@apbf.org