APBF Leaders Summit 2021

Against the backdrop of this unprecedented Pandemic, the church is faced with new challenges that obliges the church to reorient its approach to doing ministry. As Dr. Jerson Narciso says, “It is drastically changing our missional context and we are challenged to think “outside of the box.” 

To help in reframing opportunities to align, engage, and inspire the APBF is calling a Leaders Summit to present opportunities for greater unity in collaboration, partnership and how you can essentially play your unique role to achieve the mission of equipping, collaborating, networking, training and serving to fulfill the Great Commission.

May 12: 

APHTS Conference
Keynote address by Rev. Edwin Lam, President of APBF
Plenary by Dr. Kang-Sang Tan, General Director, BMS on "Stronger Together: Integral Mission in the Great Commission
Presentation of the APHTS

May 12: 

Keynote address by Dr. Elijah Brown, General Secretary of BWA
Plenary by Rev. Mark Wilson, Director of Ministries, ABC on "Working Together: Holistic Whole Gospel Transformation
APHTS Workshops through Break Out Rooms (Theological Education, Aid, Mission, Youth & Women)

May 14: 

APBF General Council Assembly
Break Out Room Conference:
- Theological Education
- Mission & Evangelism
- Aid and Development
- Youths
- Women
- Financial Effectiveness Workshop
- APBF Media

11:00 am      India, Sri Lanka
11:15 am      Nepal
11:30 am      Bangladesh
12:00 noon   Myanmar
12:30 pm      Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia (Jakarta), Philippines
1:30 pm        Singapore, Malaysia, Perth, Taiwan, HKG, Macau
2:30 pm        Japan, South Korea
3:30 pm        PNG
4:30 pm        Sydney, Vanuatu
5:30 pm        Fiji
6:30 pm        New Zealand


Registration will commence very soon so stay tuned!