Greetings & Ministry Reflections

Dearly beloved family members of the APBF,

Warm greetings in the Name that is above all names, the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, the Anointed Savior of the world!! Christmas is just round the corner. What a great joy and privilege it is for me to greet you with "Blessed Christmas and seeking God's love and peace to surround you and fill you to the brim this Christmas as you remember the birth of the Babe of Bethlehem!" Let us remember: "Jesus Christ is to be loved and preached!"

July saw me with about thirty Asian Baptists leaders in the Bahamas for the annual meeting of the BWA. Though supposedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, we hardly venture out of the hotel due to the intense meetings we were having. It didn't do much justice for those of us who flew all the way from Asia just to spend a few days there. F or me one of the highlights was speaking cross culturally to a Caribbean congregation and enjoying the special corporate worship. One cannot go to a BWA meeting without making new friends and establishing older friendships.

August saw me make a few trips especially one with the Asia Baptist WU 's President Summit in Seoul Korea. Being with all the women leaders, singing, dancing, listening to God's word and sharing what God is doing in the different Women's Unions was most enlightening and enjoyable. Women gatherings are really special. Not just about the gifts they gave, but the love, warmth and relational slant they brought were outstanding. Philippines, I come again. Only this time, it was neither to Manila nor Baguio but to the city of Cavite where I had the privilege of speaking at a series of evangelistic and revival meetings in five churches and settings and saw hundreds upon hundreds of conversions, renewals and healing too. God is so good!

October saw me in Hyderabad again making my appearance at the All Indian Baptist Summit where two thousand leaders, pastors and members were there to bless and encourage one another. It was an opportunity to widen our fellowship and partnership with the International Ministries of the American Baptists. How exciting to see brothers and sisters who love the Lord came together to bless one another.

Due to three unforeseen situations, APBF found itself in need of more funds but praise be to God, a total of more than SGD 74,000 + USD 11,000 was raised among God's children in Singapore alone for the work of APBF within two weeks. This is more than what we dared to pray, think, dream and imagine. What an amazing God we serve! 

Union of Indonesia BWU invited Dr. Vernette San and yours sincerely to speak at their women's gathering attended by almost 800 women from all over Indonesia. What a grand and glorious occasion it was. Not just the privilege to minister God's Word to the colorful and beautiful Baptist women of Indonesia but also to enjoy the many talents resident among them. A crowning conclusion to the year's travels and many speaking engagements was a visit to Myanmar at the kind invitation of Dr. Maung Maung Yin, President, Myanmar Baptist Convention and her leaders. Part of the visit was an audience with the State Counsellor, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the Speakers of both the
Lower House and Upper House to pray with them and for them at the new capital city of Nay Pyi Taw. What a great privilege to pray for the 'legend of our times' for God's peace in the great land of Myanmar and God's sovereignty in the coming elections. Never forget, Asia Pacific Baptists will be "Stronger together through fervent prayer, strategic partnerships, constant fellowship, faithful service and outreach and responding to each other's needs!" God is at work in a mighty way in these last days but let us be His junior Partners!