Christmas - A Love Story

Last year, in the first week of December when I returned to my base at Hyderabad in India, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Christmas instrumentals music and carols being played in the airport. It was a very good feeling. 

During this season, everywhere we go, be it a shopping center or hotel, we are bound to hear beautiful Christmas music. Across the globe, in many cities, I find that right from the month of November itself the commercial centers, streets and hotels are decorated with Christmas theme. 

For some people Christmas means a good time for business! An opportunity to earn more money. For some people it is a time to have fun. For some people it is a time to feast! For some, it means a time for receiving and giving gifts. For some, it is just a holiday. What does Christmas mean to you? 

For a Christian, Christmas means God's love. His love to us. It means God is concerned about us and He gave his Son Jesus Christ to us as the best Christmas gift ever. It means that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest love story ever written! 

Christmas is the day the Son of God - Jesus Christ intersecting with humanity. If it wasn't for Christmas, we, the human beings may have never known the intensity of God's love for us. 

What does Christmas mean to you? 
Do you have a RIGHT CHRISTMAS? 

In the backdrop of first Christmas, 
Let us make room for Jesus in our hearts. 
Let us bow down and worship Him. 
Let us bring our gifts to Him. 
Let us tell others the greatest love story ever of Jesus and His love for us. 
Let Jesus be born in our hearts and each and every home across Asia Pacific and beyond!

Wish you a very blessed Christmas and New Year filled with Love, Joy and Peace! 

Bijoy A. Sangma 
Vice President, APBF
Chief Editor, APBF Digest