My Journey With APBF

It all started in the year 2012 when I was asked to be part of the APBF Congress worship team. I had just begun my ministry then as a Music Minister at Shillong Baptist Church. It was a great opportunity for me to get some ministry exposure, or so I thought. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a journey that would change my life in so many good ways. 

Different musicians from across Asia Pacific came together to form the Congress worship band. The band became family and grew bigger each passing year. 

In 2013, the band gathered again for BWA Youth Conference “Reach” in Singapore where we were reminded and challenged to reach out more to those in need.

APBY Conference in 2015 was remarkable too as we saw hundreds of young people and youth leaders come together for the conference at Bangkok Christian School. Here, I took part in one of the craziest rehearsals I have ever been on. The band could not meet earlier for rehearsals and we had just one day before the start of the event. Hence what followed was a non-stop jam of over 17 songs right from the word go at our drummer’s studio. Thankfully, each one came prepared with their parts. That was a memorable day.

In 2017, when I was asked whether I would be attending the APBF Congress in Indonesia, I had given a pass mainly because of financial constraint. However, I really wanted to be part of this one because it was a special one - Rev Bonny Resu was retiring. As mentioned in my earlier article, he has been my mentor and guide in my spiritual journey. Naturally it would have been awesome for me to be there during his retirement. However, as I was preparing to face this ‘unfortunate’ moment of not being able to be there for the event, I received a text just a week or so before the Congress from our then Youth President, Vee asking me if I’d be willing to join the worship band as a fill in for another leader who could not make it. To make it short, I went to the Congress and what a meaningful and an emotional farewell it was for the man who had served at APBF for over 15 years.  

Finally, it’s 2019 now and  I just got back from Baguio, Philippines after attending our APBY Conference where over 700 delegates from all over Asia Pacific gathered at PBTS, my alma mater, under the theme Making & Multiplying Disciples (MD2) 2 Timothy 2:2. What a refreshing time it was for all of us as we reminded ourselves of our Christian mandate – the great commission and the need to step out of our comfort zones more often and be a witness of the gospel. We know so much already, and it’s time for us to actually just go and make disciples, to make bold decisions, and to impact and build those around us with the message of love and hope, the gospel!

I truly thank God for all the blessings. All these conferences helped me renew and refresh my spiritual life. My passion and love for God and his people get rekindled. What a joy it is to get connected with our brothers and sisters from around the world and share stories and testimonies of joy, struggles, faith and miracles. I am greatly indebted to APBF for the opportunities given me to be partners in this ministry. God willing, see you all at our next conference. 

Soli Deo Gloria!

by Maker Kashung