What A Blessed Time It Was!

The 17th APBY Conference

All together 715 delegates, 30 workshops and plenary sessions speakers, 17 countries represented from the Asia Pacific, came together at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, Baguio City, Philippines to worship, fellowship and be challenged through the theme: Making and Multiplying Disciples taken from 2 Timothy 2: 2.

What a blessed time it was. The worship band led us into what can be called a ‘powerful praise and worship’ that drew delegates to God’s presence, workshops that were spiritually instructive and informative, family groups where friendship was forged and circle of Baptist family were formed. 

Through May 21-24, we were blessed during the morning and evening worship hours. Message in songs brought by the Choirs, God’s message spoken through the Speakers helped the delegates renew their spirits. Messages brought spiritual insights, and expositions of the word of God called the youths to make serious commitments to follow Jesus. It was indeed a blessed time for all that gathered at the 17th APB Youth conference. 

Now as the 17th APBY conference In Baguio city, Philippines is over; I look back and remember the different assignments that were carried out faithfully by all team members, and thereby making MD2 conference a memorable and blessed conference. May we sincerely thank the COLA committee for their tireless efforts in completing the different task assigned within the time frame. What an excellent work they have done. Sincere appreciation goes to COLA members, special mention to Chairman Rev. Joel Idurot and the iDisciple team of Luzon Convention of Southern Baptist Churches for doing an excellent job. Praise be to God the Almighty for His leading hand. Let us rejoice and be glad for God’s mercies.  

Over the year, as we progressed in the planning, it was a pleasure to engage with our General Secretary, Rev. Dr. Vesekhoyi Tetseo (Vee), to pick up workshop speakers, plenary speakers, plan the whole program of the conference. Bro. Vee as he likes to be called, and indeed a brother in Christ, has been there since day one when we met in the Philippines in 2018, along with our APBF President Rev. Edwin Lam to meet with the COLA team. Throughout the year Bro. Vee has never let us feel lonely when we had too many assignments to work on it. We thank God for the guidance they provided throughout the planning and the execution. 

Let me also take this opportunity to thank everyone of you for being part of the 17th APBY conference. Your participation as a delegate and as a resource persons has made it a blessed youth conference. It give me immense joy to see how the delegates responded to the call of making disciples. I thank God for the hundreds of youths who re-dedicated their lives, committing once more to be a true disciple, and to multiply disciples. As young people came to the front during the altar call, I saw how God was going to use these young people who will serve as leaders in the 63 conventions, 22 countries, among the 30,000 churches and 5 Million believers we have in our APBF family. We continue to pray that the Lord will empower APBY to reach the millions of people in the Asia Pacific region to “Making and Multiply Disciples.”

Serving the APBY was truly a blessing. I have reaped an immeasurable spiritual harvest during the 17th APBY Conference. On behalf of team 2015-2019, I want to thank all of you for allowing us to serve you. I thank the Lord for a united team YHanh, Ardi, Ashley, Franco, Prem and Suka. As the new team comes up to replace us at the APBYouth Execom team, our outgoing team would like to thank every one of you for praying with us, working with us diligently for the growth of APBY. Whatever we have achieved together it is because of the Lord. We thank God for His guiding hand. 

Finally, we praise God for all the friendship we cultivated and the rich spiritual blessings we experienced under the theme “Making and Multiplying Disciples.” Let us all thank the Lord for the great success of the APBY conference.

Now, may I invite members of APBY to pray for our new team as they lead us. Let us continually work with our leaders as we move to the next APBY conference in Malaysia 2024. 

See you in Malaysia.

by Imnatoshi Longkumer