Miglat Ministry

From Ashes To Beauty

The word ‘Miqlat’ means ‘Shelter, Refuge’ in Hebrew. Miqlat Ministry is a Social Ministry under the Nagaland Baptist Church Council Women’s Department, compelled by love, to reach out to, rescue and restore girls/women who are negatively impacted by substance abuse, sexual exploitation and trafficking. Miqlat Ministry runs a safe home and also offers rehabilitation program to both rescued/referred victims. Miqlat also provides livelihood skill trainings, counselling, outreach services, medical assistance, trauma care therapy, Education Support especially to children of the women the ministry reaches out to. Miqlat Ministry is also an enterprise that promotes Freedom through Business.

Over the last 14 years since its inception, the ministry has come across so many girls/women whose lives and stories tore us, shook us and forced us to see and go beyond. The ministry has also witnessed God’s supernatural power at work in the lives of so many of the girls/women. We have seen lives turned around completely for God.

Rose (name changed) is one such person who God turned around from nothing, useless, homeless, rejected, despised, disowned to someone very resourceful, talented and now meaningfully contributing to the society. Rose is now in her late 40s. She grew up in a family/ community where drugs and alcohol was easily available. She came to Dimapur many years back after her husband and son both expired. To soothe the pain of her loss and loneliness, she sought solace by taking more drugs and alcohol. Her life became totally dependent on drugs. With no money and very less option, she started to trade her body to meet her drug needs. She had no place to stay, no friends and family to take care of her but she least bothered about it. As long as she get drugs she was happy. She did all the unimaginable things not to survive but to meet her drug needs. She was thrown into prison even by strangers as that was the only place she can be send. Nobody wanted her. No one had any business to do with her. Finally the drugs took a toll on her health. As homeless as she was, she was also left hungry, weak and tired. 

The railway platform became her home. And that is where we found her. She was brought to the ministry and for over a year, the ministry took care of her, tended her sickness, provided all medical assistance and slowly her health came back to shape. She was enrolled in the training program and she turned out to be a very smart and crafted lady. But as she gets better each day, she was scheming and waiting for a chance to go back to the only life she knew. So she left. We often saw her in the streets and joints. She was enjoying that life all over again. After a year, she came running to us again black and blue to escape from the big mob coming after her. She took someone’s money to treat herself with drugs and when caught, the angry mob nearly took her life. The ministry settled the matter on behalf of Rose with the angry mob and ask for time to pay back the money. Rose was again taken in and cared until she was strong enough to help in chores and make some money to pay back the people we promised will pay. 

Rose was strong enough now to leave again. So she left again and went back to the same place. This time her fall was worse than other years. But we prayed and waited for the Lord’s time to bring her back for good. It took two years for her to realise and come back. This time she recovered stronger, better and more determined to start afresh. As much as she struggled to start a new life, the ministry struggled together with her in her journey of restoration and redemption. Today she is a different person. Almost all the people she knew and took drugs together are all gone but she is still alive and she also knows that she is alive for a reason. Today, she is an asset to the Ministry and to the people around. She is also a very skilled worker and also a mentor to many young girls/women who walks or is walking similar paths like she once did. Her life is a testimony of God’s transforming power of Ashes to Beauty.

by Asha Sanchu