Ministry Refelections

Dearly beloved family members of the APBF,

Warm greetings in the glorious name of our God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ! 

It's been quite a while since we last communicated through the APBF Digest. I must say that since then, much has transpired. The year begun with a visit to Melaka for the APBF TEAM meetings which was very well attended for our leaders involved with APBAid, the Theological and the Mission Commissions. We thank our Malaysian brothers and sisters, especially those from Melaka for being excellent hosts. Then in spite of being rather unwell due to my severe neck spine condition, I was privileged to speak at the First Baptist Church of Kuala Lumpur with Dr. Peter Ng being such a gracious host. 

The Execom members then flew into Taipei, Taiwan for our annual meeting. It was wonderful getting to know the new leadership team of the Chinese Baptist Convention forging better relationships for partnerships ahead as well as thinking and praying over what God would have us do. Reached home just in time for the Lunar New Year celebration but on the same night flew to India again to be with the Manipur brothers and sisters to celebrate 125 years of God's goodness and faithfulness towards them. Not forgetting also the trip to Bangladesh with our BWA General Secretary, Dr. Elijah Brown to an unforgettable 100th anniversary of the Bangladesh Baptist Churches Fellowship. We are amazed at what God is doing through the church planting strategy there. Myanmar was my next destination with fellow Christians to minister at a Theological Seminary and to visit what God is doing in this new economy. 

March saw us meet in Washington for the annual leadership meeting of BWA but very much looking at leadership succession for the years ahead. April, I was in Taiwan again to explore new avenues of ministry together. May saw many of our young leaders and people in Baguio, the Philippines for our APBY Confer­ence with the theme of Making and Multiplying Disci­ples. What an amazingly electrifying time with almost 800 coming from our region studying the Word and learning and growing together, singing, dancing and having a great time. These are the future leaders of 

Though writing from Mongolia on my own church exploratory trip, I am also thinking how God can lead us to greater involvement with the land of Genghis Khan, the only Asian conqueror who conquered from the East to the West and I trust the spread of the Gospel will be the same through our Mongolian family members. Of course June is a tremendously busy time for me with trips to South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong and then Australia. Coupled with BWA's Annual General Meeting in the Bahamas from 7-13 July. The plate may be full, but the ministry is so exciting because it is about touching and transforming lives on earth for eternity. There will be much more exciting days ahead as we bring in the person of God's choice to helm our APBAid as well as continuing to strengthen the many relation­ships and partnerships forged with TAI, BMS and many of our brothers and sisters in North East India during the visits of our GS Vee and Ronnie Chiu, the APBAid Chair. 

In order to fulfill God's mandate with us, we need to be stronger together through prayer, strategic partnerships, constant meetings and fellowship and responding to each other's needs.

President APBF