Greetings & Ministry Reflections

APBF President’s varied and manifold ministries in 2018

Dearly beloved Baptist Brothers and Sisters across the Asia Pacific region, It’s already slightly more than a year since  the new team of leaders took office along  with our new General Secretary, Rev. Dr.  Vesekhoyi Tetseo (Vee). We have been  privileged to meet and minister in different  parts of the regions, a few times separately,  but often together under the theme  “Together We are Stronger!” We thank God  but need your faithful, fervent prayers as we allow God to work in and through life to  transforming lives in Christ across the Asia  Pacific region.

Since the new APBF team was elected during the 9th APBF Congress in September 26-30, 2017. The new Execom met in Singapore at the YWCA end Jan 2018 during the Executive Meeting and started planning for the years ahead. We have adopted the theme, “Transforming Lives in Christ across the Asia Pacific region,” with the slogan: “We are Stronger Together!”

On 2nd Feb, an Inaugural Service for the APBF office in Singapore was held at Calvary Baptist Church Singapore attended by APBF friends and supporters, leaders and Pastors of the Baptist Convention including many Pastors and leaders from different denominations. Bishop Rennis Ponniah of Singapore Anglican Churches and Bishop Terry Kee of the Lutheran Churches in attendance to pray.

By March, we employed Ms Maureen Goh as the new part-time Administrator in March 2018 to effectively manage the APBF Headquarters in Singapore. The following week GS and I headed to Washington DC to attend the annual BWA Executive Meeting from March 4-8, 2018.

The month of April saw the President and GS along with some APBY leaders in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to speak at the “Making and Multiplying Disciples” (MD2) conference. This was followed by a trip to the Philippines to initiate the organising of the 17th APB Youth Conference in Baguio, Philippines for May 21-24, 2019. There they also met with leaders of the Convention of Chinese Filipino Baptist Churches in Manila.

In May, along with Rev. Ronnie Chiu, who is the Chair of APBAid, we were in Seoul, Korea to meet our Baptist Korean leaders and to speak at the numerous meetings introducing the work and ministry of APBF and seek partnership to strengthen the APBF. Few weeks on, I was in the Philip-pines to attend the Luzon Convention of the Southern Baptist Churches along with the BWA President, Paul Msiza to speak at the Biennial conference.

Another meaningful ministry was being part of the historic event in Okinawa on the 17 th of June, 2018 to officiate the installation of GS Rev. Dr. Vee Tetseo by the Okinawa Baptist Convention.

July, along with the GS, we were in Zurich, Switzerland for the Annual General Meeting of the BWA where they met up with the leaders of the many Asia Pacific leaders who were present there. I also represented BWA to pray at the first united meeting Baptist Swiss Reformed Church, the Roman Catholic Church and the Evangelical Churches held at the historic Grossmunster Church of Zurich. The same month, from July 15-17, I was also in Bali as a keynote speaker for the Gebral Assembly of the Papua Baptist Convention.

A very significant event for APBF was held in August of 2018 in Sydney, Australia. I, along with GS Vee Tetseo, Vice President Mark Wilson and APBAid Chair Ronnie Chiu was invited as guests by Transforming Aid International (TAI) as think tank to strategize how APBF must move forward towards progress. Those times with the dynamic leaders of TAI under the capable leadership of John Hickey were fruitful meetings and we look forward to fulfilling many of the plans God has laid upon our hearts.

September saw the President invited to address the gathering of ABWU and to pray for the new office bearer who were installed. Then in November, I was invited by the First Baptist Church of Bandung, Indonesia as a revival speaker. Praise be to God for the many conversions, re-dedications as well as people who came forward for prayers over the few days of wonderful meetings.

Towards the year end, I was invited to dedicate and declare open the Bethel Baptist Church of Hyderabad in December which was followed by speaking at nine other Baptist Churches and met many leaders of the Telenanga Baptist Community.

For the years ahead, we would like to visit every convention in our region. The work is great and the opportunities vast, but let’s trust the Lord of the Harvest to instil fruitfulness in our lives in bringing in the harvest He has planned. We look forward to our fellowship and partnership as we enter another promising New Year! May God bless and empower you as you reflect on His past faithfulness and trust Him for Future Fruitfulness. To God be the glory!

A fellow pilgrim in this sacred journey, 

Rev. Edwin Lam
President, Asia Pacific Baptist Federation