A Tribute to Rev. Bonny Resu

Rev. P. Bonny Resu was born in Nagaland, India on July 18, 1958. He got married on January 8, 1986 with Avo Resu (Then Rhakho) and have three daughters and a son. Rev. Bonny decided to follow Christ on October 31, 1976 and responded to God's call to ministry on January 31st, 1981. He started ministry as the Director of Youth Ministries of the Council of Baptist Churches in North East India from 1985-1992. His role then changed as he was called to serve as Executive Assistant of the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation for five years before getting elected as the Genera I Secretary of the APBF from 1997 2017. 

When I became President of APBF, it was my joy and privilege to enter into a deep ministry relationship with our then General Secre­tary, Rev Bonny Resu. I always knew of his ministry but as President I saw it firsthand. I witnessed Bonny's skills in preaching, teaching and more significantly, in bringing our region together. He was extraordinary sacrificial as he served APBF. For long periods he would be away from home, ministering to our various Conventions. There was hardly a Convention leader he did not know, and he was always willing to visit or serve a Church, Seminary or Convention in ways appropriate to them. 

What I also appreciated about Bonny was his wisdom. He was a good listener but also wise in how we should approach difficult situations. He always acted from a pastoral heart but had the ability to consider what was best for say a local convention as well as the broader kingdom ministry of APBF. Bonny is a gracious, respectful man who never puts his own agenda above what the leadership feels is the will of God. 

Bonny has organised many trips throughout our region for me and always sought to ensure I was "looked after". At times it is not easy travelling in new environments on your own, but if Bonny was not there I knew he was only one phone call away. I couldn't have gone on the trips I did without that sense of coverage from Bonny. 

I had the privilege of witnessing Bonny's representation of APBF to BW A. They were some of my proudest moments. People were in awe as he shared about the APBF kingdom ministry, where we had been during the last 6 months or so and what the future held. 

I express my appreciation to Bonny's family, his wife Avo and children. They have been wonderfully supportive in this ministry. Personally, I believe APBF has been extraordinarily blessed through the ministry of Bonny which has been a model of servanthood ministry for the Kingdom.
Past President: Dr. Ross Clifford