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THE VISION of the SALT program is "to see transformed lives and transformed communities … by using the vehicle of sport to build community and then working to impact that community in a powerful way that sees lives changed physically, relationally, emotionally and spiritually."

The Background 
As a result of a mission trip to the Solomon Islands in the year 2000 in the midst of that countries 
‘ethnic tension’ a sports ministry was established based around Futsal (small court Soccer). Over the ensuing eight years the ministry rejoiced as kids and young adults were taken off the street and involved in organized sport. Young adult leaders were trained and accredited as coaches, referees and administrators. A focus had been provided for young lives. 

The ministry redefined 
Like all ministries, review and refinement is an essential part of the process. By 2008 some amazing results had been achieved. In the Solomon Islands sports clinics and leagues had been established, coaching programs conducted, sporting educational scholarships arranged,  HIV/Aids education incorporated into the program and the level of Futsal developed to the extent that the National Men’s team (the ‘Kurukuru’) had been proclaimed Oceania Champions and participated in the pinnacle of any sport – a FIFA World Cup. 

However, it was recognized that a better framework was required for the operations of SALT.

Ken Clendenning

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