Opportunities in Asia and Pacific

  • Student Ministries Beginning of partnerships
  • Connectivity – Communicate & Media Platform for Young People
  • Sports Ministry for Outreach Global Missions
  • Training for Children/Youth Ministry Meeting Social Needs
  • Christian Education
  • Global Connectivity
  • Theological Training
  • Leadership Training for Young people
  • Disaster Response
  • Ministry to marginalized/ special needs
  • Church Planting
  •  Ministry of Reconciliation



  • Student Ministry
  • Reconnect Est Institutions
  • Prepare Churches to receive new converts


  • Capacity in know how
  • Community Development
  • Partnership with other Churches
  • South Asia
  • Convention Formation
  • Exposure Visits
  • Theological Education
  • Leadership Development


  • Communication
  • Vocational Training
  • Church Planting
  • Student Ministry
  • Ministry Team to Support local Churches


  •  Concrete Ideas to help
  • How to mobilize our many resources
  • Latent Resource that could be used in Pacific


  • We need to know what you need

Have experience in

  • Leadership Education
  • Sports Ministry
  • Theological Education
  • u Community Development
  • Youth Ministry
  • Trans-Tasmania Conference becomes Trans-Pacific Grouping
  •  Church to Church

New Zealand

  • Role of Pacific people in global mission
  • Pacific based teachers come to Nz to teach in Theological College
  • Home stay/hosting students from Pacific
  • Church to Church Connection


  • Theological Training/Expertise
  • Filipino Dispora as resource disaster management and church planting.
  • Indonesia
  • Hospital Management
  •  Health Based Ministry
  • Disaster Management
  • Visionary Meetings
  • Theological Education Needs
  • Need for HIV Response
  • Need for Help Reaching University


  • Strengthen existing Ministry (women, Youth)
  •  Women in Decision Making
  • Need SWOT analysis to reform FBC
  • Bilateral relations across the Pacific strengthened for sending out Workers

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