Discipleship: Head, heart, hand and SITUATION

“Disciple-making is an intentional process of testifying, teaching, training and transmitting our convictions and our life to those who would pass it on to others.” Edmund Chan 

Jesus as the model disciple – gospels call him teacher (didaskaloV) 45 x, rabbi 14x and master (epistathV) 6x

“ … for the time of his ministry, discipling was the most important function which he performed.” (Collinson, 97)

“ … to nearly everything which Jesus did in the presence of his disciples we have attributed a discipline intention.” (Collinson, 97)

Jesus has undisputed authority over his disciples (NOTE: a human disciple-maker must never, ever usurp that or arrogate that role to themselves), although he did not act in an authoritarian manner. 

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