APBAid and Theological Conference 2017

Jogjakarta Statement 2017

Preamble:  “The Rooster has crowed. We must be up and into the day.”

 Kairos is now. God is with us in everything both great and small. He is not silent. We are his arms legs hearts and minds and our leader is His Spirit – in the loud shout or the still small voice.

THIS STATEMENT AFFIRMS THE VALUE OF APBAid in what it implements and sponsors.

Many people have affirmed the value of the work of APBAid in this Conference and for past Conferences:

People have been encouraged to keep on with their work because they have heard of others doing the same things in the same way.

People have been challenged to think about new ideas they received through these Conferences in 2007, 2012, 2014 and this year.

People have made important connections for future networking.

People have learned skills and access to information by attending the Conferences.

We inform you that this is potentially a time of major change but there are financial difficulties.

Please pray that APBAid will be able to continue its work in the future. Please take the message back to your conventions reminding them of the many ways that APBAid has supported their work and supported them in times of disasters.

Section: Conference & Forum Material