The need for Multi-generational Women’s Ministry

We are talking about a ministry that brings about all our people together , regardless of ages. We are talking about a congregational  life where all are welcomed , included & encouraged to lead & participate at any age.

Multi-generational ministry brings the age together to minister to & with each other : children, youth, young adults, emerging young adults , the middle-aged, older adults & elders. Its called for a whole community, not fractured  by age .

Intergenerational relationships  refers to:  inter-actions between people of two different generations. It should be nurtured  & sustained through our practice of being multi-generational faith communities. We need these intergenerational connections as well as multigenerational connections  (among 3 or more generations) to help our congregations thrive.

Intergenerational learning provides a way to educate the whole community bringing all ages and generation together to learn with and from each other. It intergrates learning, building community, sharing faith, praying and practicing faith.

The key point is that everyone is learning together – young old, single, & married, families with children & empty-nest families. It helps to narrow the generation gap between the older & younger members, it recognizes that all people, regardless of their age, have talents to contribute that are valuable & important & connects the generation & builds relationships as they serve God by serving their neighbour is the responsibility of all Christians. People take time to talk & share with each other.

Amelia Gavidi

Section: Conference & Forum Material