The Suva Declaration

The Suva Declaration on Participation in God’s Mission in and from the Pacific.

At the invitation of the Fiji Baptist Convention and with the facilitation of the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation sixty overseas delegates representing Australia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia/Papua, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Singapore, South Korea, the United States of America (Hawai’i and Virginia) and Vanuatu gathered with one hundred members of the Fiji Baptist Convention to address the theme, “Opportunity Pasifika: Witnessing to All by All Means.”   

We worshipped, led by local and overseas brothers and sisters together and inspired by the contributions of Fijian young people as they offered the vigour and beauty of indigenous dance forms in the service of praise and devotion to God. We were challenged to recover acceptance of the Bible as our supreme and infallible authority and guide, to reignite our passion to carry out the Great Commission as a way of fulfilling God’s command to love him and to love our neighbours (the Great Commandment).)

We were informed and moved as we heard from each other about our current realities; we were encouraged and sometimes surprised as we sought to discern what God is doing across our region; and we were energized as we entered into profound dialogue with one another about the opportunities and challenges relating to our present and future participation in God’s mission of transformation.

We praise God for the gift that this consultation has been to us and for the provision that has made possible the participation of each one. We are grateful for the wonderful hospitality of the Fijian Baptist Convention and the diligent work of planning, administration and leadership that brought this group of participants together.  

Through these days together we have become more fully aware of our Pacific context and its realities; in worship and discussion we have discovered shared convictions that we wish to affirm; and in light of those, and in dependence on the help of the Holy Spirit, there are attitudes and actions to which we shall commit ourselves.

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