FAQs About APBAid

Who are the global partners of APBAid?

APBAid is denominational based Christian NGO, so it is related to global Baptist bodies -such as Baptist World Aid, International Ministries- American Baptist Churches, European Baptist Mission, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Baptist World Aid Australia, Baptist Mission Society (UK) and others.
How do I apply to APBAid for relief or a project?
APBAid is denominational based Christian NGO, opened only to the members of affiliate Baptist Conventions in Asia Pacific region.
How do I communicate to APBAid?
Go to "home page" and click “Our Contact” located in the main menu bar.
What is the relationship between APBAid and APBF?
APBAid is Relief and Development arm of APBF, thus a unit of APBF. APBF as a organization is officially registered in Singapore.
How can I contribute to APBAid?
You may promote and pray for the tasks of APBAid; and 
You may donate to APBAid’s relief and development efforts.
How/who can become a member of APBF?
Any qualified Baptist member consented by his or her Convention or Union affiliated to APBF may be invited by APBAid Committee; and such person should agree to the objective of the organization.
How often does the APBAid meet?
APBAid Committee meets at least once a year. If there is any emergency, a meeting can be called by the Committee Chairman in consultation with APBF General Secretary.
What is the organizational structure of the APBAid?
APBAid is the official wing of Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (ABPF) involved in relief and development efforts. Under the overall umbrella of APBF Executive Committee, "APBAid Committee" functions as an unit. With the guidance of APBAid Committee APBAid office operates under the leadership of the Director.
What are the main focus areas of the APBAid?
APBAid’s main involvement is Relief and Development activities on behalf of Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF); focusing on emergency reliefs and rehabilitation in times of disaster, capacity building of affiliate members of APBF, issue based development projects, peace-building among communities in conflict and advocacy on behalf of the poor and needy. Geographically APBAid covers the whole Asia and Pacific regions.
Where are the APBAid offices?
APBAid as an unit of APBF function under the supervision of the General Secretary based in Okinawa, Japan. APBAid has a sub-office with Ms. Feraz Legita at c/o CPBC, Fajardo-Arguelles Street, Jaro, Iloilo City 5000, Philippines. Rev Kabi Gangmei functions from his residence in Shillong, India.
Who are the senior officers of the APBAid?
Rev. Ronnie Chiu, Chairman; Mr. Peter Leau, Treasurer; Rev. Kabi Gangmei, Assistant to Director; Ms. Feraz Legita, Assistant to Director;
When was the APBAid formed?
Since the inception of Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF) on 9th July, 1975 there existed a committee entitled as “the Aid and Relief Committee” which looked after APBF’s involvement in holistic ministry. This committee later became Asia Pacific Baptist Aid (or in short, APBAid)