APBAid Development Projects 2014

Lydia Project, Mizoram

The project was launched in 2011 in collaboration with the 3 Baptist Churches in Mizoram (NE India), namely Baptist Church of Mizoram, Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Church and Zomi Baptist Church with the support of Baptist Union of Norway (BUN). With the current revolving capital of $69,358 for Micro-credit fund it has formed 111 SHGs, benefitting 1107 Chin migrant/marginalized women. Basic and capacity trainings were given to the local women leaders and SHG members. After completion of Phase-I in December 2013 an organisational review was carried out by the donors in March 4-17, 2014 with focus on internal control and financial risks aspects. There were follow-up action in changing the staff, and improvising the account software. BUN has agreed to extend financial assistance to the project for another two years (2014 and 2015). APBAid role is to assist the project as consultant till 2015-end. There has been a concern for project sustainability.

Mentawai DRR Project, Indonesia

Mentawai Islands, Bengkulu and Lampung areas are on the West Coast of Sumatra, and are disaster-prone and high risk zone, especially from earthquake and tsunami. There had been a number of earthquakes happened in the recent years. Since June 2012, with the support of BWAid and APBAid, Rebana had been working to reduce vulnerability of various aspects experienced by community in those areas. Amount involved in the project is $42,013; this support comes mainly from BWAid.

Activities of the project are -

a)      Capacity building and campaign among Children and Communities in 5 sub-villages of Mentawai Islands thereby reducing the risk of disaster through a year’s DRR activities;

b)      Capacity building and awareness campaign among the Churches and Church’s network in  Bengkulu and Lampung provinces along with DRR practices. Crucial area of psychosocial support was introduced during the campaigns.

c)      Developing pre-school and elementary school tutoring activities followed by seminars      on ChildrenProtection Law and Convention rights of a child.

Community Development through Micro-Finance activities, Aceh, Indonesia

Earthquake and tsunami in 2004 devastated economic aspects of Aceh. In order to help a small part of the affected communities Rebana had initiated a micro-finance program that had shown effective in community recovery. The project is located to target 200 households in Banda Aceh & Aceh Besar areas. By the end of 2014 project was able to help 132 families who got access to capital and develop their business capacity. By doing this they were able to take care of family need such as health and children education. Rebana also able to form a Cooperative, named “Rebana-Aceh Cooperative” for the benefit of the community/beneficiaries. The cooperative was started with 20 members, and the body is with full structure- Board of trustees and office bearers. It was registered with the authorized notary Deed Husna SH, M.Kn No. 06, dated September 3, 2014.  The project, worth $32,676 is supported by GBU and BWAid, and APBAid is assisting to monitor it.