Phailin Rehabilitation Program Report 2014

The powerful cyclonic storm called Phailin made a landfall on October 12, 2014 in the coastal districts of the Indian states Orissa and Andhra Pradesh, and it was followed by devastating flood. About 12 million people were affected; and many have lost their homes and livelihood. Many Roads, bridges, electricity and communication systems also got affected. The Government did a commendable job in evacuating the people in advance and provided immediate relief services.


Project Title: Phailin Rehabilitation Program

Nature of the Project: Livelihood recovery activities for 947 affected families, with provision for domestic animals, fishing nets, safe drinking water, paddy seed and irrigation water for crops.

Area coverage: Orissa: Mayurbhanj, Balasore, Ganjam and Badrak districts Andhra Pradesh: Srikakulam district

Communities covered: Soura, Telegu fishermen, Oriya, Santhali, and Bengali