APBAid Annual Report 2017

Overall co-ordination of the works carried out by Kabi Gangmei and Feraz Legita, with Victor Rembeth, the then Chair of APBAid Committee and Ronnie the current Chair, and Les Fussell as Acting Treasurer.

Shalom! The year ending 2017 had been great challenge of change, but was also a time for thanks for countless blessings received through the year. It’s indeed the spirit of camaraderie within and among the APBAid staff and committee members, in which everyone chipped in their best, that we could continue to offer our hands to those who were in need. We praise God for the successful

Development Consultation! And also welcome the new leadership in both APBF and APBAid. With them in the helm we feel refreshed, and we will sail forward with greater thrust!

With much love and dedication, Feraz and I am happy to present you a report on the activities of APBAid during the year 2017.