APBAid Annual Report 2013

The APBAid 2013 plan of Action followed the direction set in the APBAid strategic plan 2012-2013 that came out after the APBAid Committees strategic planning workshop in September 2011 held in Bangkok. One of the main points in the strategic plan is integrating peace and development ministries into one committee so as to maximize capacities and resources to effectively carry on the mandate of imparting inspiration, promoting spirit of fellowship, service and cooperation through relief, development and peacemaking. In September 2012, the consolidation of the two Committees was officially approved by the APBF Executive Committee in its meeting during the Asia Pacific Baptist Congress in Kuala Lumpur. The first meeting of the new combined APBAid Committee was held in Singapore last January 2013. At that meeting, we are saddened and concerned with Rev. Kabi Gangmei, APBAid Director that had undergone heart surgery. We praised God that now Rev. Kabi is so well and back to his post. He was able to do some work already when he felt better starting the second half of 2013.

For the past year and in 2013 the Pacific region was beset by disasters caused by flood, cyclone, earthquake, fire, conflict and other issues on social and political spheres. The disasters brought loss of lives and destruction to properties, environment, means of livelihood and trauma.

Churches are challenged to ministries of disaster response and APBAid does its share in capacity enhancement, disaster response and peace-building through the kind support of APBF member bodies and APBAid donors.