General Secretary Message

Greetings from APBF. 

First of all, let me give thanks to the Lord, our Risen Savior, APBF Executive, member conventions for your prayers and support of confidence offered during the 9th APBF General Council, allowing me to serve you as your new General Secretary. You will all agree that this is not an easy work; and I have seen that with my predecessor Rev. Bonny Resu, who has done such a monumental work by serving for 20 years as General Secretary. We praise God for his life, his leadership. His service will go into the history of Baptists in the Asia Pacific region as one of the most able leader. Praise the Lord!

This being said, I am aware of the task ahead of me and take this job very seriously. Asia-Pacific is a region overwhelmingly wide in its geographical location, exotically rich in culture, unalike in economy, and religiously diverse that APBF's work to a unified goal for each Baptists group/country/convention will be challenging but also exciting. Nevertheless, as Baptists we must stand united in "One Lord-One Faith-One Baptism", holding on very strongly to the Scriptures, which is our sole authority for faith and practice. 'Nothing More-Nothing Less'.

As Asia Pacific Baptists, it is my prayer that we would 'never' lose the urgency to proclaim the gospel of our Resurrected Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, echoing the 9th Congress theme "Never Ending Good News".

May I also remind that the challenges of pluralism facing our society has become so prevalent, that I pray God will raise the Asia-Pacific Baptists to be bold and unshaken in faith, inspirational and missional in ministry. Also, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will stand firm against a watered down gospel of nominalism and culturalism that is hitting our doorsteps.

Friends, partners in ministry, let me assure you that as APBF, we battle through the many natural disasters we face united; strive to stand together in solidarity with those persecuted, and commit to grow from strength to strength with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Last, but not the least, I covet your prayers, that, you would stand with me to fill the gaps. May I also encourage you, with God by our side (Romans 8:31) and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, let us buckle up from our comfort zone and go out into where there are lost, living in a lost world with the message of peace, love, acceptance and forgiveness. Amen!

Thank you. To Him be the glory!

Yours Faithfully,

Vesekhoyi Tetseo (Vee)
General Secretary