Fulfilling the Call of Equipping Ministers through Theological Education

ABGTS-Taiwan ALC held their graduation on the 29th of June 2015. Dr. Rei Yi Tsai, ABGTS Associate Dean and president of Taiwan   BTS, conferred the degree Doctor of Ministry to Shu Chen Su and Hui-Sung Wang. 

Pastor Hsu has been serving Taipei Revival Church for 16 years, and is currently shepherding the adults group which has 22 cell      groups. She is also the current Educational Minister of the same church.  She is also shepherding a church in Xiamen, China.         She will continue the same ministries after graduation and aiming at the following goals: (1) Plan the educational strategy of the church so it covers from the seekers to followers and making them disciples. (2) Train more follower leaders to devote to their  causes by leading more souls for God. (3) Coordinate with the church towards Global Missions.

Pastor Wang is deeply concerned for the 1 to 1.2 million out of 23 million population in Taiwan who have poor quality of sleep  due to stress, health problems or psychological problems in their lives. After graduation, with the foundations from his thesis,  Pastor  Wang will connect with other staff, ministers in churches, friends and families of the patients to equip them in providing assistance to   the melancholics by coordinating with the churches, hospitals, communities, rehabilitation centers and families.

Currently, there are 4 new students in Doctor of Ministry Program from Taiwan ALC . They are from Mainland China.. Please  continue to pray for this great opportunity to minister to the churches in China through our students.

Also, the ABGTS-Philippine ALC Associate Dean Dr. Lizette Knight together with Philippine BTS President Dr. Armand Canoy   conferred the degree to  Ptr. Rolando Coloma (Th. D.) from the Philippines and Ptr. La Nan (Th. M.) from Myanmar. Ptr. La Nan served as pastor to Zion Baptist Church, Youth Department from 2003-2005. He became staff of the Kachin Theological Seminary, Myitkina, Myanmar from 2006-2012. Ptr. La Nan will resume serving as faculty at Kachin Bible Theological Seminary when comes back to  Myanmar.

Ptr. Roland Coloma has served as pastor in 4 different churches from 1987 to the present, which includes a year of ministry in   California, USA. He has also served in many leadership capacities in associational levels and has been involved in many missions endeavor such as short term missions at MV Doulos. He is actively involved in evangelism. He is currently serving and  will continue to serve as facilitator both in PBTS Field Education and the PBTS Seminary Education by Extension. He will also  continue serving as senior pastor of Community Christian Church in La Union, Philippines. 

ABGTS Philippine ALC welcomes  4 new students this new school year.  There are 2 returning students and 2 current students.

We continue to thank God for the fruits of his ministry through ABGTS. Number of graduates for this year totaled to 7 including:     Seng Htoi Nan (Th. M) Philippine ALC — March 2015; Jessica   Raposa (Th. D.) Philippine ALC —March 2015; Czarina Sarmiento          (Th.D.)  Philippine ALC —March 2015.

Expected 2015 & 2016 Graduating Students

  • Tanin Voravijitraphan (Th. D,) Thailand
  • W. Weevanuch (Th. D.) Thailand
  • Kowthoolei Wado (Th. D.) Thailand
  • Yindee Jang (Th. D.) Thailand
  • Barry WK Wai (Th. D.) Thailand
  • Zaw Gun (Th. D) Philippine ALC
  • Ariston Bacaoco  (Th. D.)  Philippine ALC