1. The President kicked off the work for APBYF by attending the Executive Meeting of the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation in Bangkok in January 27th to 29th in 2010.

2. President attended the BWA Congress in Hawaii from July 28th to August 1st in 2010.

3. President attended the Asia-Pacific Baptist Federation Executive Meeting, Bangkok February 7th to 9th in 2011.

4. APBYF conducted APBYF Leaders Consultation, in Pattaya, Thailand from the 15th to 18th of March 2011. 75 Delegates from 14 countries attended.

5. President attended APBF/APBYF meeting with Baptist Convention of Vietnam May 4th to 7th and subsequently conducted a Leaders Training with BCV Youths on May 8th 2011.

6. President attended the Convention of Indonesian Baptist Churches Youth Convention, Manado, Indonesia, as Speaker from 30th June to 4th July, 2011.

7. President attended BWA Youth International Planning Committee Meeting, July 11th to 13th, Singapore

8. APBYF conducted the second APBYF Leadership Conference from November 3rd to 6th, 2011 in Kathmandu, Nepal. 285 attended.

9. President attended the APBF/BWA Tohuku Disaster Round Table Consultative Meeting held in Tokyo from August 15th to 16th in 2011.

10. President Conducted Cambodia Baptist Union (CBU) Pastors Training from June 14th to 16th in 2012. It was sponsored by OBC Women’s Dept.) About 45 pastors attended the training.

11. A day after the CBU Pastors conference, President also conducted a Cambodia Baptist Youth Training on June 17th in 2012. 25 Youth Leaders attended.

12. President attended 8th APBF Congress in Kuala Lumpur from September 4th to 8th in 2012 serving as APBF Congress worship band leader and led workshop.

13. President attended APBF Executive Meeting, Singapore, January 26th to 28th in 2013.

14. President also attended the Baptist World Youth Conference in Singapore from July 17th to 21st in 2013.

15. APBYF conducted the third regional APBYF Leadership Conference in Phnom Penh, October 22th to 24th in 2013. A total of 80 attended.

16. A day later President attended the Round Table Conference organized by the APBF at Cambodia Baptist Union Office, Phnom Penh on October 25th in 2013.

17. President attended APBF Theological Forum APBAid and APBF Theological Forum held in Myanmar from January 14th to 16th in 2014

18. President attended the APBF Executive meeting at Myanmar Baptist Convention Office from January 17th to 18th in 2014 and on the way back to Okinawa, called a COLA Meeting for APBYF Conference in Bangkok.

19. APBYF conducted the fourth regional APBYF Leadership Conference in Bandung, Indonesia from September 9th to 12th in 2014. 62 delegates attended the conference.

20. President attended the 30th Nagaland Baptist Church Council Youth Department Triennial Youth Conference in Pfutsero, Nagaland, India as one of the conference Speaker from September 26th to 28th in 2014.

21. APBYF conducted the fifth APBYF Regional Leadership Conference in Okinawa, Japan from October 22nd to 25th in 2014. 65 delegates attended the conference.

22. APBYF conducted a Youth Training to help set up of the first Cambodia Baptist Union Youth Department in Phnom Penh from November 12th to 15th in 2014.

23. President attended an APBF Executive Meeting in Yogjakarta, Indonesia, January 28th to 30th in 2015.

24. An APBYF-COLA Meeting was called in Bangkok on February 2nd to 3rd in 2015 at the Bangkok Baptist Centre.

25. President attended BWA Youth Executive Meeting in Washington DC, USA, March 1st to 5th in 2015.

26. President attended the National Baptist Youth Conference in India as a speaker from April 23rd to 26th in 2015.

27. President attended the World Baptist Congress in Durban, South Africa from July 21st to 25th in 2015 to lead one of the Youth Stream session.