What a wonderful experience to see God's hand working mightily in Vietnam! How encouraging to see Baptist Youths in Vietnam so passionate in their worship, singing and tireless even if the worship has been three hours long.

Most churches in Vietnam (baptist included) are house churches. Church cannot own land or building. Although freedom is not easy to come by, Baptist Churches in Vietnam has been granted government status to form an organisation and this has given much freedom for our Baptist youths to be more active and open to worship God. Our Baptist youths are crying out to the rest of Asia Pacific to come and help them strengthen their existing churches; so much so that they are desiring to host an APBY conference in Ho Chi Minh city.

An approx. 400 delegates from the district of Ho Chi Minh came to celebrate fellowship and proclaim what God has done in Vietnam.

25 or more young people stayed back after the conference to join a 2 day workshop/training with me. Following Sunday, I had the privilege to preach in two churches. I give God for the blessings I have received from our Vietnamese brothers and sisters. Let us continue to uplift them in our prayers. Amen!