First of all, all glory to God for leading APBY thus far. 2011 was a busy and exciting year for the APBY in general. While we experienced the tragedy of earthquake and tsunami coupled with the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, 2011 was meaningful for the challenge to be pro-active in serving God and be focused to serve our Youths in the Asia Pacific.

Through this report I want to express my sincere “Thank You” for your support not just in prayer but by making yourself available to APBY through advices and leadership.

Asia Pacific Baptist Youth Leaders Consultation
Our first APBY Leaders consultation was held from March 15-18, 2011 in Pattaya, Thailand. The consultation was, I should say, a successful one. We were represented by 75 delegates from around Asia-Pacific. 22 from Thailand (including volunteers), 14 countries joined the consultation. They were: Japan, Korea, India, HK, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. (We had Pete Maycocke from Britain but missionary in Thailand, therefore counted as a Thai delegate, otherwise it would’ve been 15 countries).

Conventions represented at the APBY Leaders Consultations:

  • Thailand Baptist Convention
  • Vietnam Baptist Convention
  • Malaysia Baptist Convention
  • Korea Baptist Convention
  • The Baptist Convention of Hong Kong
  • Cambodia Baptist Convention
  • Nepal Baptist Youth Front (NBCC)
  • Sri Lanka Baptist
  • Okinawa Baptist Convention
  • Garo Baptist Convention
  • India Baptist Convention
  • Assam Baptist Convention
  • Baptist Church of Mizoram
  • Nagaland Baptist Church Council
  • Karbi Anglong Baptist Convention
  • Matu Association of Baptist Churches
  • Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches, Philippines
  • Luzon Convention of Southern Baptist Churches (LCSBC)
  • Philippine Chinese Baptist Convention
  • Convention of Mindanao and Visayas Southern Baptist
  • Southern Baptist Convention
  • Baptist Union of Australia
  • Baptist Missionary Society (UK)
  • Baptist Women’s Union of the South West Pacific
  • Baptist Union of New Zealand
  • Convention of Indonesian Baptist Churches
  • Union of Indonesian Baptist Churches
Some who failed to join

For some reasons Myanmar delegates failed to join. Bangladesh said they will send but they were not able to. Singapore failed to sent their delegate, PNG delegate backed out due to financial constrains.

Sessions: Overall, the sessions were conducted exceptionally well. Except for one workshop, all the workshop leaders came and did their part well. They fulfilled their obligations by writing a synopsis/summary of their workshop in 3-5 pages. These articles have been printed out in a booklet form.

Special thanks goes to our APBF executives, President Dr. Chu Wood Ping and Gen. Secretary Rev. Bonny Resu, Treasurer Ms. Surang Kinghirunwatanal and Ms. Julie Belding. To many delegates it was the first time to meet the APBF President, General Secretary and Treasurer on a personal level. Many of them expressed their joy for the encouragement they received from the President and the General Secretary. They all said they were blessed by your presence. A special word of thanks from APBY President also goes to Ms. Merrilyn Withers, New Zealand for her excellent contribution to the workshops.

Nepal APBY Regional Leadership Conference
The APBY Regional Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal was held from Nov. 3-6, 2011. Although we had originally planned to hold this conference for only 150 leaders, an approximate of 250 delegates registered (volunteers are not included). We were represented by delegates from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand, America and Japan. Although Myanmar, Indonesia and Philippines are not part of this region one delegate each from this region attended. An inclusion of delegates and countries represented as resource persons were from New Zealand, America, Indonesia and Japan. Although Bhutan and Sri Lanka had earlier contacted me and gave me their list of delegates, for some reasons unknown, they were not able to join us. We missed them.

Youth Ministry Resource Handbook
In our previous APBY Leaders Consultation held in Pattaya, Thailand from March 15-18, 2011, we had come out with a simple Resource Handbook for our Youth Leaders. This time on, with the request from our local committee to publish it again, we decided to add on more materials together, that is, include the Pattaya March Consultation articles with the Nepal Regional Leadership Conference articles. We collected 21 articles and have put them into a handbook called “Find the Need-Share your Gift.” We have officially released 1000 copies. In the handbook we have articles written by our very own APBF Exe. Com members like Julie Belding, articles from our youth leaders like Rev. Eddie Tan from KL Baptist Church, Haylee Freudigmann from Australia, our Youth Train Director Murray Brown, Ardi Wiridinata from Indonesia etc. Our hope is for the handbook to be used in our local conventions, among local church youth leaders.

Prayer Items for APBY Regional Leadership Conference
1. APBY in partnership with APBF Communications dept. would like to hold a pre-conference for “Effective Media Presentations” during the 2012 APBF Congress.

2. APBY is waiting for response to hold our regional conference in Yangoon, Myanmar (countries in this region are Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar). Dates to be decided after getting response from Myanmar Baptist Convention’s Youth Department.

Other Associated Meetings Attended

  • Attended our Baptist Youth Camp of the Convention of the Indonesia Baptist Youth that was held in Manado, Indonesia from June 29 – July 4, 2011.
  • Attended the meeting of the International Planning Committee, Baptist World Youth in Singapore from July 11 – 13, 2011.
  •  Attended the Round Table Summit meeting organized by the APBF/BWA held in Tokyo from August 15-16, 2011.
  • Went to Tohoku, Japan serving as volunteer to Miyagi Prefecture from June 6 – 12, 2011, then to Fukushima, Japan from December 12 -16, 2011.

Finally, thank you all for your prayers. Do keep the ministry of APBY in your prayers. APBY designated prayer day in Mondays of every week!