Greetings from the Asia Pacific Baptist Youths!

The year 2014-15 was quite an interesting year for APBYF. Along with the two regional leadership conference of the APBYF in Bandung, Indonesia in September and Okinawa, Japan in October of 2014, and with the upcoming APBY Conference in October of 2015 was APBYF ministry was pretty packed with excitement. All praises to God for His blessings on all of these conferences. The APBYF Regional Leadership conference has been a blessing to APBYF. These conferences have helped in identifying future leaders for youth involvement to the forefront as well as help raise new leadership to a new level. I praise God, the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation, Okinawa Baptist Convention, Japan Baptist Union and Japan Baptist Convention and the Asia Baptist Women’s Union for making this possible. Thanking the Baptist World Alliance Youth Department as well for the partnership to work together in a larger body of the Baptists. Thankful also to the Asia Baptist Women’s Union for the continual support they gave to the Asia Pacific Baptist Youth Fellowship over the past years.

Report of APBYF from 2010 to 2015
As reported in the past, the APBYF ‘2010-2015’ Committee was elected during the 15th Asia Pacific Baptist Youth Conference held from December from the 27th to 30th 2009 in Hong Kong.

A goal was set to help train 400 youth leaders in the next 5 years. To achieve the goal of helping train 400 leaders, and to make the ministry of APBYF more effective and organized, APBYF Leadership Conference was planned for each region. To realize the goal within the strength of APBYF, to make APBYF easily accessible, a group countries were grouped into regional hubs, such as: 1. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka 2. Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos 3. Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines 4. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Macau 5. Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji

Thankful to the Lord and the support from APBF, APBYF have been able to train a total of 654 youth leaders.

Report of the 16th APBYF Conference In Bangkok Thailand
A total of 825 delegates attended the 16th Asia Pacific Baptist Youth Conference 2015. A total of 20 countries was represented. Taiwan, New Zealand, Fiji, and Macua were unable to send its delegates.

Rev. Ardi Wiridianata reports
Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ who has gathered 825 Baptist youths from all over Asia Pacific for the 16th APBYF Conference. The wonderful mixture of culture, people, fellowship strengthened the moving of the Holy Spirit to unite and strengthen Baptist youth of Asia-Pacific. Wonderful exposition of the bible, practical trainings, and meaningful worship experience really glued the bond in Christ. For some, it was a first time to experience fellowship with hundreds of other Baptist youths. For others, it was a good chance to meet with old friends to catch up that can only happen in meetings like this. Friendship that will last, connections made, collaboration in the ministry established.

Merger of APBYF as a Youth Department of APBF
During the 2015 October APBYF Assembly in Bangkok, report was made that while the APBYF is a separate entity yet belonging to the umbrella of APBF; due to this association, there was some confusion over the identity of the organization. The proposed resolution therefore was to merge the APBYF into the APBF as the Youth Department. The majority in the assembly voted in favor of the merger. The merger was accepted and voted for by the General Assembly. Since the merger of APBYF to APBF as the Youth Department or Committee was accepted, Rev. Bonny Resu informed that hence, the APBF will elect the chairman/president of the newly formed APBY. The process of leadership appointment will be according the APBF leadership appointment process. There was a proposal to retain the name of APBYF but to be introduced as the Youth Department. APBF President, Dr. Ross Clifford recommended that we rename it as Asia Pacific Baptist Youths without the name “Fellowship”. The recommendation to nameAPBYF as ‘APBY Department’ was unanimously accepted by the Assembly.

Thank You Note To APBYF Executive Committee
The President thanked the committee for their commitment for the past 5 years (1 term) The outgoing committee members are: Rev. David Gabriel Lim, Ms. Audrey Chan, Mr. Neung Wichai, Mr. Asish Matthew, Ms. Mihyun Ryu, Ms. Haylee Freudigmann and Mr. Chakri Premananda.

Introduction Of New Committee Members The President introduced the new committee members
Rev. Ardi Y. Wiriadinata, Mr. Tulsi Psd. Siwakoti (Nawal) replaced by Mr. Prem Bhattarai, Mr. Rmah Y Hanh, Ms. Ashley Muk Mei Yin, Mr. Suka Taufa (In Absentia), Mr. Franco Ferrer (In Absentia), Mr. Imnatoshi Longkumer, newly elected.

At the recent APBF Executive Meeting held in Fiji from Feb 3-5, 2016, the APBF Execom has appointed Dr. Vesekhoyi Tetseo (Vee) to serve 2 more years as acting Chair, until a new Chair can be appointed. Thank you.

Dr. Vesekhoyi Tetseo (Vee)
Chair for the Asia Pacific Baptist Youths
Youth Department of the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation