9000 Mizo youths meet in Tlabung

More than 9000 Mizo youths meet in Tlabung from February 14-17, 2019.

Mizos are considered as one of the most gifted singing people in the world. God has blessed them and they use their gifts magnificently to the praise of God.

APBY Chair Ps. Imnatoshi reports that the Baptist Church of Mizoram held their 47th BCM Youth Conference in Tlabung from Feb. 14th-17th 2019 to worship, celebrate God’s goodness upon the Mizos.

History recalls that in 1902 the first few Christians were expelled from their village for becoming Christian. They left the village to settle in a place called Sethlun and constructed their first church. By 1904 they were able to send missionaries with the little offerings they collected. Praise the Lord the passion to serve the Lord is visible amongst the Mizoram Baptist Christians.

Team led by Rev. Vikuo Rhi from Nagaland Baptist Youth also attended the celebration. May God continue to bless the Mizo Baptist families as they proclaim Christ and send missionaries all over the the world.