Strong earthquake hit Southern Japan

Two major earthquakes, one after another struck Japan’s southern Islands of Kyushu, with epicentre in Kumamoto prefecture.  The 1st tremor with magnitude of 6.2 struck on April 14, 2016 while the second one with 7.1 was on the 16th. As per the media report 43 lives were lost and injured some 3,000. Severe damages were reported in Kumamoto city area with numerous structures collapsed and buildings catching fire. Over 44,000 people were evacuated. 

 APBAid is contacting Baptist partners on the ground - Japan Baptist Convention and Japan Baptist Union for clearer ground situation. The urgent need appears to be of saving lives from the rubbles and taking care of those who were evacuated. 
Please see these sites http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/... and http://humanityroad.org/kumamo...