APBF Leaders visited CBC-Taiwan

Immediately after the earthquake that struck Taiwan on February 6, 2018, APBF team with Rev. Vee Tetseo, the General Secretary, Mr. Peter Leau, the Treasurer and Dr. Tim Lee, Chair Mission Committee made a pastoral visit to the office of Chinese Baptist Convention (CBC), Taiwan on February 8-9th.

It was informed that in the earthquake with the mgnitude of 6.4 seventeen lives had been lost and 285 injured besides large scale destruction of buildings and infrastructure. The incident also affected two large Baptist Churches in Hualien city - Mei Lun Baptist Church and Bo Ai Baptist Church. Both the church buildings were safe, but a brother who worked in the frontdesk of the collapsed hotel unfortunately died.

Rev Daniel Yen, the Generatl Secretary of CBC reported that they have already set up and Rapid Action Committee and established 3 rescue stations in order a) to provide care to those who are affected; b) be with the families who lost their loved ones, and c) to provide reliefs.

APBF team on the other hand, shared some of the things APBAid did in the past such as Recovery Seminars, Trauma Counselling, etc. Presently Rev. Vee is mobilising a team from Okinawa Baptist Convention to make another visit to encourage Baptist brethren in Taiwan. Dr. Daniel Yen expressed great thanks for the visit and the concern shown by APBF family.