The 2013 APBYF Regional Leadership Conference for the region of Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar was attended by a total of 85 delegates. 50 conference delegates were from Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar. Besides the 50 conference delegates, there were 15 speakers/workshop leaders who came all the way from India, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and America to share their blessings. This was the first international conference for Baptist youths hosted by the Cambodia Baptist Union. Pastor Nivath, President of the Cambodia Baptist Union welcomed the delegates with much gladness and appreciation. He shared his hope and vision for the Cambodian Youths that this event will help empower them to have a bigger vision for Baptists in Cambodia. Rev. Bonny Resu, who is the General Secretary of the Asia-Pacific Baptist Federation gave his keynote address by highlighting to the youths the population of Baptists in the Asia-Pacific region. He also challenged the youths to be watchful, prayerful and to be visionary since our region continues to experience many struggles each year, ranging from natural calamities like tsunamis to political unrest. There is thus a need for Baptist youths to rise up as leaders in the church and nation.

The conference speaker was Dr Kethoser Aniu Kevichusa, a young and upcoming leader/evangelist based in India, who serves with the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries as a regional associate. He expounded powerfully on the need for leaders to have the heart of a servant and to seek God's power before seeking to be powerful. The conference ended with a renewed vision and vigor for the delegates to go back to their respective countries and revitalize the youths to step up and become true followers of Jesus Christ. APBY is thankful to the APBF for helping to support the conference and for sponsoring hotel rooms for the delegates, all the speakers for giving their time and effort, Cambodian Baptist Union, and the many volunteers for making the conference possible. To all who came, ‘Your presence was a blessing.’ Interestingly, the conference had one of the best representations of speakers from India, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and America. Indeed it was a well attended meeting.