The consultation was indeed a successful one. We were represented by 75 overseas delegates. 22 from Thailand (including volunteers), 14 countries joined the consultation. They were:

Hong Kong
New Zealand
Sri Lanka

(We had Pete Maycock from Britain but missionary in Thailand, therefore counted as a Thai delegate, otherwise it would've been 15 countries).

Ardi Wiridianata, one of our workshop leaders from Indonesia reports, "Find your need-Share your gifts" - a fitting title for a leadership consultation. Working with the available resources is a mark of a great leader. If we are leading fellow men, we are in an imperfect organisation. It's not about finding the perfect person for the job as much as finding the perfect fit for the person we are leading. We can optimise output by fitting together the right person on the right job with the binding power of God's love. We need to discover our self and help others discover themselves in order to fit together. Leadership in ministry is leading fellow 'body parts' of Christ to '...work together for the good' of the whole body of Christ, "...according to His plan" (Romans 8:28). God's plan for us, as youth leader, is to help our youth discover what role, purpose and gifts they have, to be a contributing part of the Body. I see this happening by what we have done at the Pattaya Leadership Consultation. My prayers, says Ardi, are that other conferences will continue to equip youth leaders with the tool necessary to lead biblically and effectively for the Kingdom of God.

For leadership conference purpose and better networking, we have decided to group ourselves into 6 regions. They are grouped together within those who are culturally similar, economically at par, geographically easier to access. They are:
Region 1: Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau
Region 2: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines
Region 3: Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam
Region 4: India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Bangladesh
Region 5: Australia and New Zealand
Region 6: Papua New Guinea and Fiji

Each regions are encouraged to plan their own leadership conference. Region 4 which has India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Bangladesh will be meeting November 3 - 6, 2011 in Kathmandu.

Our goal is to help train 400 youth leaders in the next 4 years by partnering together with local conventions / associations. We request your prayers and see your support as we move towards "Developing New Generational Leaders" who will lead as they serve the Baptists in Asia/World.

Folks! Thank you all for your support and we sincerely request you all to keep APBY at your arm length and continue to advice us.

Vee and Ardi