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Secondary Grief Amidst Covid-19 Seminar

Covid unlike any other crisis has impacted all of us in multiple ways causing most of us more loss in more ways than one. The loss and accompanying sadness has been experienced personally at multipleRead more

APBF Leaders Summit 2021

Against the backdrop of this unprecedented Pandemic, the church is faced with new challenges that obliges the church to reorient its approach to doing ministry. As Dr. Jerson Narciso says, “It isRead more

The Great Omission

For many of us in our early walk with Christ, maybe as teenagers, university students, or new followers of Christ, the one thing of paramount importance was scripture. Listening to God’s word, prayRead more

Before the Perfect Life Swallow Us

At the recent death of my close friend, Prof. Dr. Yvonne Marjorie Salmon, a Messianic Jew, born and bred in Singapore, one who had blessed the nation tremendously as an Obstetrician and GynecologistRead more

Leading the Church in Times of Crisis

The church plunged into a time of crisis in the year 2020 when we faced the COVID-19 pandemic nationwide. We were instructed to stop all church activities as the Malaysian government imposed MCORead more

Leading the Church Beyond the Pandemic

My primary purpose in this paper is not to discuss theologically and philosophically what I understand is the nature and mission of the church. I am mainly concerned about how the church couldRead more

Hope in Christ our Savior

We live in a world where there is pain and suffering. It is a world unfair to the poor and the weak. But the narrative woven by God reminds us, especially this season, that the birth of Christ inspirRead more

Never Ending Good News

APBF Congress 2017 theme song.Read more

Prayer Support for Philippines

Typhoon Goni 'Rolly', which battered provinces south of the capital Manila on Sunday with gusts of up to 310 kilometres per hour (190 mph), is the 18th to hit the Philippines this year and one of theRead more

How the Pandemic Changes Our Worship

Indeed it’s an opportune time for the Church around the globe to change the gear of patterns of ministry from that of traditional system of worship to modern system by using media as well asRead more

Spiritual Role of the Church during Pandemic

A few weeks ago, I received a call from a fellow Pastor telling me about a certain individual who had tested positive for Covid-19 and had been quarantined for close to a month now. He asked me to caRead more

Hope in Christ Amidst Pandemic

8 months have passed and no one ever would have imagined the world would end up in such an uncharted territory. It is no brainer that this Covid-19 pandemic has infected all the continents in theRead more

Upcoming Events

Asia Pacific Baptist Youths 'Stand with Myanmar'!

Much as you are aware of the recent events in Myanmar. The worsening situation has brought the Youth leaders of the Asia Pacific Baptists to call for a stand in solidarity with the young people of Myanmar. A brief overview attached will allow you to get more information on the recent crisis in Myanmar. Nevertheless, the Youth department of APBF is therefore calling its regional bodies to join by raising your voice against the cruelty, brutality of the Myanmar military.



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